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One of the goals of the project is to reach out to the elderly who are isolated (single or couples) in order to inform them of the services available and offer them a volunteer presence of quality.

Here are the organizations who may call you to offer activities :

Projet Communic-Action

Break down the isolation of elderly people living alone in their own house or apartment. Remove obstacles fostering isolation. Allow these people to establish links with their community. Allow these people to continue to use their skills and abilities.

Une Affaire de Famille

In the context of the realities of a rural area, the organization sets up activities, programs and services that aim to establish and maintain a support network for families in the Haut‐St‐Laurent.

Centre communautaire multiservices Un Coin de Chez-nous

Improve homecare services for those who are retired and pe-retired. Break down isolation. Encourage recruitment, training and orientation of volunteers.

Les Aidants-Naturels du Haut-Saint-Laurent

Prevent physical and emotional exhaustion of informal caregivers who are responsible for an elderly person with reduced autonomy living at home.

La Petite bibliothèque verte (The Little Green Library)

The Little Green Library offers many services to its members and to the population as a whole. The library has a collection of more than 26,000 documents, in French and English. Soon, it will also offer a mobile service for seniors’ residences in Huntingdon. Lastly, in 2015 the library anticipates setting up a home reading service for those with reduced mobility. There is a reading, work and relaxation area available to members as well as four computer stations and a wifi network. The library has reserved a space to present exhibitions which will be renewed every 3 months...