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Volunteer with individuals aged 50 and over

  • Friendly house calls: friendly, at home visits to help break isolation among seniors.

  • Friendly phone calls: For anyone wanting friendly and reassuring contact by telephone.

  • Specific support transportation: For visits to a loved one in hospital.

  • Friendly visits offering other services depending on the willingness and skills of the volunteer:
    - Reading at home
    - Help with paperwork
    - Help with computers
    - Hair dressing
    - Mobile library
    - Light housework
    - Help with gardening
    - Help with cooking
    - Support with exercise program
    - Delivery of meals-on-wheels

Volunteering intended for Seniors and young people aged 4 to 17

  • Reading stories to children in elementary schools.
  • Learning to make crafts: for skill sharing and giving youth the opportunity to create articles to give as gifts during visits to isolated seniors.
  • Awareness-raising activities about proper treatment of seniors; in schools.
  • Participating in intergenerational workshops

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